OMNICRON - New Horror Film by Caillou Pettis Announced

A brand new horror film is coming from Canadian filmmaker Caillou Pettis. For more information, please see the Movies tab.


We are incredibly sorry to announce that our fan film Batman Unveiled, is now officially cancelled. Currently, we are working on a brand new, original film.


For more information, please read this:

Batman Unveiled (2018) BRAND NEW Poster

Heath Ledger Joker confirmed as Batman Unveiled's Joker Costume

Earlier this afternoon, it has been confirmed by Newryst Studios that the Heath Ledger version of The Joker will be the costume used in Batman Unveiled. The film's Joker actor is Dawson Haase, who will wear the makeup and costume replica of Heath Ledger's Joker. Stay tuned right here on the official Newryst Studios website for updates on set photos, updates, and more!

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